Our customer service needs to be better than yours!

..... because we know that the prerequisites for your success begins with us.


Shared Outlook Mailboxes

...are not intended to be the fixed pivot of mails in the customer center.


Are you dissatisfied

With your current ticket system supplier? We take responsibility for the conversion and we guarantee success.


Is your ticket system vendor registered outside the EU?

Then you have a GDPR compliance issue.


GDPR-compliant ticket-system

...developed, implemented, hosted and supported from Denmark.


Are the customer journeys under control?

Meeting customer expectations means everything to loyalty.


Do you store data outside the EU

Then you could have a GDPR compliance issue.


Are you using shared Outlook mailboxes?

Then you should talk with us for sure.


We can help you achieve even better results!

What’s etrack1?

etrack1 is a proven cloud-based and unique ticket system that has been developed, implemented and is redundantly hosted and supported in Denmark.

etrack1 has a firm focus on GDPR compliance and, on behalf of our customers, we are always looking to lessen the number of enquiries, provide faster processing, fewer errors and a much more efficient operation of the customer service department.

etrack1 is the automation of manual tasks, the unique customer experience, shorter employee training and the tool your customer service employees will love.

etrack1 supports and simplifies workflows and etrack1 delivers exactly the insight that is required to operate an efficient and result-oriented customer centre.

mission of Etrack1

Our mission is to help our customers make optimal use of customer service resources, deliver more loyal customers through great customer experiences and drive the customer centre at a lower cost.

In other words, we will help you solve the challenges you are struggling with in your customer center and provide you with the best conditions for success.

How does Etrack1 stand out?

We own the entire value chain from technology to implementation and hosting to support.

This means that our customers have one contact point. If something doesn't work, if there’s a need for support or alignment, there’s only one responsible – us.

We provide a well thought-out and efficient experience and we guarantee, with our money-back guarantee, that we add far more value than you pay for our expertise and our etrack1 licenses.

Who’s etrack1 for?

etrack1 is for customer centres with passionate customer service managers and employees who experience that Outlook shared fodlers, or their current ticket/CRM/telephone system, offer more challenges than solutions.

etrack1 is for customer service managers and employees who know they can provide both much better service and do it significantly more efficient with the right tools.

etrack1 is for customer service managers and employees who need solid sparring and experience from hundreds of implementations. For those who do not want to buy technology in one place, implementation from another and get support from a third.

etrack1 is for customer service managers and employees who want to develop their customer service and have recognised that they can't do this without the best tools and a dedicated business partner.

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