The etrack1 features

The etrack1 features

...and everything else.

etrack1 is full of features which will support both agents and management. Features that save time, ensure compliance with work processes and deliver new opportunities.

The etrack1 features

Supporting channels and integration

etrack1 supports enquiries submitted as:

  • @mails
  • own forms via etrack1 API
  • etrack1 forms on your own website
  • etrack1 chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Enquiries forwarded from Outlook using etrack1
  • plugin

etrack1 also supports integrations for:

  • Puzzel telephony
  • Genesys
  • Cisco
  • Open Media
  • MS CRM
  • Calabrio WFM

And a number of other specially developed systems across customers.

The etrack1 features

Outlook or etrack1?

Outlook or etrack1?
We continuously work to automate and optimise manual processes while providing the best conditions for employees to provide the best possible customer service.
Unlike regular Outlook, which is intended for one-to-many communications, etrack1 is developed with a focus on many-to-many communication.

For more – perhaps even many – people in the customer centre to communicate with many customers and potential customers, mindsets and innovative features that go far beyond what Outlook and many other ticketing systems can offer are required.

One thing is that the system can receive an email and give it a ticket, offer a standard response, send a reply and deliver statistics to the manager – quite a different thing is that it can support the processes at the customer centre and deliver efficiency and customer experiences.

etrack1 is efficiency through mapping and supporting the journey for customers, but also the journey through which an enquiry goes until it is prioritised and allocated to an employee or team, replied to, archived and analysed.

The etrack1 features

Other features:

  • Collection of enquiries and documentation of consent/authorisation

  • HTTPS-based submission of additional information to customers to ensure personal and confidential information and attachments

  • Masking incoming messages in case of sensitive information

    Dynamic calculation of order handling based on differentiated SLA, time zones and opening hours of the customer centre

  • Overview of upcoming tasks based on assigned “skill-sets” or users for resource planning purposes

  • Send reply to e-Boks (CVR + CVR)

  • Send responses to the organisation’s existing extranet

  • Postpone the case for further consideration

  • Forward a request to someone outside etrack1 with a reminder functionality to respond to and notify the customer about additional expected response time

  • Connect multiple cases to one

  • Save drafts and let another employee complete the task and reply

  • Mask text in forwarded emails and respond to it when the customer is answered

  • Mask content in outgoing messages for personal or confidential information

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