The contract

The contract

Before the start of the partnership

The contract is based on Danish law and the Danish Data Protection Agency’s standard data processing agreement.

The contract

The etrack1 contract

Before a new partnership begins, it is important to clearly establish what each party agrees to.

The etrack1 contract is designed precisely to create clarity.


In short

In short

  • Delivery and support obligations
  • Uptime guarantee
  • List of subcontractors
  • Physical location of operational and backup data (Denmark)
  • Legal Place (Denmark)
  • Prices & payment terms
  • Conditions for 3-month money-back guarantee
  • Provisions for termination
  • Data processing agreement

The contract

Choice of law

The etrack1 contract is regulated by Danish law, and should a dispute arise and it turns out that it is not possible to find a solution jointly, the contract states that the place of justice is Denmark.

The contract

The Data Processing Agreement

As part of the etrack1 contract, a data processor agreement is drawn up.

This is based on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s standard agreement, which you can download here. If you choose to use your own, we are open to this replacing the Danish Data Protection Agency’s standard one.

The contract


An etrack1 contract may have a termination of anything from 1 month to several years, but the longer the contract binds both parties, the lower the price we can offer.

If we are to bind each other in a long contract, we can negotiate better agreements on licenses and hosting deliveries, and this will benefit you as a customer.

Our standard contract length is 36 months – the period starts after the expiration of the “90-day money-back guarantee”, where the notice period is 1 day.

The contract

Guarantee and compensation

At the start of the partnership with us, you as a customer can choose between getting a “90-day money-back guarantee” or getting a discount on the establishment price.

We do not want dissatisfied customers; therefore, we offer insurance which can be added or opted out of.

This “90-day money-back guarantee” means that if you are not satisfied with us as a supplier or with etrack1 as a product within the first 90 days of operation, we credit and repay everything we have invoiced. We will, of course, give you your data and help you with whether the termination is due to the use of the guarantee or the termination of the contract.

The contract

Sub-data processors

We know how important it is to take care of your data.
Therefore, we have chosen to store and process your data in Denmark, save backups in Denmark and only co-operate with Itadel A/S as the only sub-data processor.

We take extremely good care of your data, and as stated in the Data Processing Agreement – we guarantee with our ISAE declaration from Deloitte that this is not just something we say.

It is far from standard with cloud-based services that solutions are operated within the EU – on the contrary, it is far more standard that data is hosted on Amazon or Azure, for example, and that there is co-operation with many sub-contractors from all over the world and where data collected in many cases is shared with them.

The contract

Data storage

etrack1 helps you keep track of which data to delete and when.

Deletion and anonymisation take place automatically in etrack1 and according to your “data privacy” and the consents you collect via etrack1 and which your customers thus accept as part of the customer journey.

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