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We're available all hours of the day – we are available via chat, email and phone, and in 2020 we resolved 81 % of all enquiries within 1 hour.


Service Level Agreement

The service level agreement, or SLA, is a parameter that most people who work with customer service are familiar with, but for those for whom the concept is unknown, it is the name of the agreement which the service provider and customer make regarding the service provided.

The agreement typically shows how responsibility is divided between the supplier and the customer, what quality of service can be expected and to what extent the service provider is available. We usually say that “eminent customer service starts with eminent customer service”, and therefore the service we provide to you as a customer is a prerequisite for you being able to provide the same for your customers.

And from our 2020 in etrack1 Analytics, for example, we can see how quickly we answered our customers:

70% got a response within 30 minutes
11% got a response within 31-60 minutes
7% got a response within 1-2 hours

Service Level Agreement

The support

Where is the support provided from?

Fast quality support – in Danish or English

We have our own supporters at our office in Aarhus – all employees at etrack1 – near the team that implemented etrack1 with you, near the developers who know everything about what comes before, and near our operations.

We have chosen to ensure that you have quick and accurate responses, and to protect your data, by under no circumstances providing third-party access.

For some ticketing suppliers, support is provided from India or another low-wage area – we have made a fundamentally different choice because we know that we can say “yes” more than “no” when the support is close to our customers and the support is close to the rest of us.

Support for us is not a necessary cost, it is our channel to gain insight into our customers, whom we use proactively in our work to do even better tomorrow.

Where is the support provided from?
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