The integrations

Integrate with CRM, ERP, WFM, telephony and much more...

When choosing etrack1 as your ticketing system but need transparency and even more functionality.

The integrations

About the integrations

More time and quality with integrations

Your employees process customer calls that often require them to switch between different systems as well as carrying out time-consuming and trivial work, and most of it can be avoided with some very simple integrations.

Integrations that can save a lot of time and cause fewer errors as well as partly provide employees with a day much less filled with copying/pasting, giving them more time for the essentials.

By integrating etrack1 into the company’s business systems such as CRM, ERP or order systems, customer service employees can access relevant customer and order data with just one click in etrack1, and vice versa, data from etrack1 can appear in business systems – automatically.

Integrations ensure customers receive faster responses, as individual employees can do more in the same space of time, and employee satisfaction increases because they have finally got the tool that helps them quickly and easily get the necessary insights and an opportunity to do the job they are there for, which is to provide the best possible customer service.

The integrations


Push instead of pull

If you want customer centre employees to avoid choosing for themselves, or “pulling” or picking tasks (as it is popularly called) from the etrack1 inbox, and instead to be presented with the next task (email/ chat/ phone call/ SOME), you should know that etrack1 supports all phone systems that offer an end-point where requests can be created.

We have previously done integrations with our customers for the following telephone systems:


The integrations

CRM and APIs

Optimal utilisation through integration with CRM and APIs

There are a number of interfaces or APIs for etrack1 that are used in different contexts and ensure an even better use of etrack1:

etrack1 web services

Use as end-points for e.g. a CRM or ERP system, if you want to download etrack1 activities so that they become part of the CRM or ERP client account record.

The etrack1 API

Use to create cases in etrack1 from e.g. your own forms on your website, or send an email through etrack1 from e.g. an order/ CRM/ ERP system.

The local stat API

Used to retrieve statistical data collected in etrack1 to, for example, consolidate/ compare data in your own business intelligence environment or simply interact with phone and KTU data.

CRM and APIs

The integrations

Workforce Management

Workforce management and etrack1

When etrack1 is integrated with a WFM system, you have the best ability to:

  • Be proactive and plan your resources in the department
  • Simple and efficient low forecasts and planning the activities of the customer centre
  • Create an overview so that you can always have the right people, with the most suitable skills, working on jobs in order to be able to answer customers’ enquiries in the best possible way

With etrack1, you will have a unique opportunity to automatically plan your resources and this will create more satisfied employees as well as ensure much more qualified help for your customers.

etrack1 integrates into systems such as

Workforce Management

The integrations


New and more customer information through interconnecting with Business Intelligence

etrack1 continuously collects detailed information about any action taken by customers and employees – these data form the basis of data for, among other things, analyses and insights.

As an etrack1 customer, you have the ability to integrate etrack1 into your company’s business intelligence system – we just provide a synchronised and updated Microsoft SQL database that contains all statistical data from etrack1.

Your BI system then uses the database as a data source, and on this basis, you can create all the reports you want directly in your BI system and, for example, co-ordinate information from etrack1 with other data sources, such as the phone system and customer satisfaction polls.

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