Implementation of etrack1

Just sit back and relax

We take responsibility, lead the process and take care of everything from setup to providing training for your employees. Typically, you will get started within a few days and it will be fully rolled out after 14.


How long does it take?

etrack1 can be established and running in a few days.

Often, it takes approximately 10-15 working days to implement all etrack1 features and fully roll out a project. Some do the implementation in stages, gain some experience and continue with the next stage, while others implement etrack1 as one major project.

There is no problem with starting by sending enquiries into etrack1 and starting to process them. If you want to reap all the benefits of optimising processes, provide a good customer experience, train your employees and more, you need to work with it thoroughly, and it will take a little longer.

A full rollout

  • On-site review of the work processes to be supported

  • Customer engagement and mapping of customer journeys

  • Setting up queues and skills

  • Graphical setup of customer engagement interface on your website

  • Chat setup

  • Facebook Messenger setup

  • Setting up security for email delivery(Read more here)

  • Standard responses and FAQs

  • Integrations (Read more here)

  • Training of users

  • Quality checks before commissioning


What does it entail for you as a customer?

You should set aside some time to help us gain insight into your workflows and processes and, of course, to make the necessary decisions during implementation.

Next, make some “hands” available to our implementation people so that they can set up etrack1 with you. The training process already starts here.

Finally, your customer service staff will need to take an approximately 2-hour course, which is, of course, part of our delivery. This is in order to ensure the best internal reception, which we consider to be a fundamental prerequisite for getting the best possible start.

Other functions we will need to involve in the implementation will often be:

  • The IT department – to clarify the security aspects
  • Marketing – to ensure branding and expression

    After implementation, it is also possible to book private lessons, attend etrack1 Academy for new employees, or upgrade from an “ordinary” customer service employee to an etrack1 superuser.
What does it entail for you as a customer?
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