Account management

Account management

Our customers are not just customers

...that is why we constantly strive to develop partnerships through close dialogue and proactive co-operation.

Account management

Status meetings

How’s it going?

When we say we want to be your partner, we mean it.

As an etrack1 customer, you can expect serious co-operation from us in the form of regular meetings and dialogue.
We know most of our customers very well, and we really concentrate on being both an operational and strategic partner.

Meetings with our customers are, for us, a way of drawing inspiration for market- and product development and hopefully, for our customers, offer invaluable advice about which initiatives to launch and how using etrack1 can be even more rewarding.

As a starting point, we hold meetings with our customers twice a year. We come well prepared, ready for sparring, armed with new ideas and ready to think critically, and with a plan for what we must achieve before the next meeting.

Status meetings

Account management

etrack1 Academy

etrack1 Academy gives you the opportunity to delve even further into how you and your colleagues can make the best use of the different features and get the most value out of etrack1.

Through a number of modules, you will learn:

  • How you and your colleagues can optimise the automatic processes in etrack1 to avoid time-depriving manual work.

  • What it takes for customers to get the right answer the first time they contact customer service so that cases can be closed quickly.

Modules you can attend:

We have previously had participants in the following modules:

  • New super-user

  • Form designer – basic

  • Form designer – pro

  • Workflow theme and tips & tricks

  • Work Smart in Front Office


The modules are aimed primarily at superusers – or those who would like to be so. There are also modules that managers, leaders or regular users can benefit from.

If you have suggestions for other modules you would like to be taught, please contact us.

If you are interested in one or more modules, you can already sign up now below:

etrack1 Academy


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