Corporate social responsibility

etrack1 have a principle of “best person for the task”. etrack1 take responsibility and are aware of our role in Danish/Nordic business.


etrack1 take responsibility

etrack1 are aware of the responsibilities required by a Danish company in a growing market. Our daily lives are packed with challenges where common sense and good judgment are the basis of a good solution. This also applies when we work with partners, customers, employees and public agencies.

etrack1 act based on different technical and cultural needs, but we always keep the outside world in mind.

Therefore, it is important for us to have an internal set of values on which we base our work, while also considering the world around us.


etrack1 focus especially on:

UN Global Goal #3 – Health and well-being

etrack1 put employees’ safety and health first through vigilance of circumstances and community spirit.

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UN Global Goal #7 – Sustainable energy

The energy used to operate etrack1 and its services is always, if possible, provided by sustainable sources.

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UN Global Goal 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure

etrack1 seeks to contribute to the dissemination of technology to facilitate communication and digital infrastructure for businesses.

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UN Global Goal 10 – Less inequality

Race, ethnicity, gender or religious/sexual orientation will never be part of the employment process or be of importance in the workplace.

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UN Global Goal 13 – Climate action

etrack1 will always seek to use suppliers that are CO2 neutral or plan to be so.

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