Processing / Automation

Automatic processes

Fewer manual processes and better results

Built-in features that make your employees more efficient and your customers even happier.


Processing / Automation

Fewer manual processes and automation of trivial tasks in the customer center


The more manual processes are associated with working in the customer center, the more processes need to be described and the longer the training your employees need is.

In addition, it is almost certain that manual processes cause errors, bad customer experiences and frustrated employees.

etrack1 has been developed with a focus on precisely these challenges and with etrack1 employees get a dedicated system that supports them in every aspect of their work. The result is faster and better answers for customers and employees who smile a little more than usual.


Fewer manual processes, support for the tasks in the customer centre, shorter training and better documentation of work and its results – this is what etrack1 produces, among other things.

Ask yourself these questions

How much time is spent:

  • Asking customers for additional information instead of just being able to answer them?
  • Pairing responses with forwarded emails when they return in order to match them with the original question from the customer?
  • Finding standard formulations and documents to be attached in response to customers?
  • Pushing for responses to forwarded emails? Archiving sent replies to folders and copying/pasting to other systems?
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