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Are the blind leading the blind?

With the right insight, you can identify, focus, document and improve.

etrack1 Analytics

Time for immersion

Catch trends and opportunities before they become problems. Be at the forefront of development and proactive work with customer service. This is the effect of etrack1 Analytics.


Insights / etrack1 Analytics

If you want to avoid leading your customer center blindly.

With etrack1 Analytics, you get a comprehensive statistical tool to follow up on development, compliance with service targets, focus areas, and great insight into the tasks performed by your employees.

No matter which of the etrack1 packages you implement, you get access to etrack1 Analytics with comprehensive statistical tools and standard reports.

etrack1 Analytics is an indispensable part of management reporting and provides you with important information, such as:

  • How long are my customers waiting for answers for?
  • Which tasks take the most time, and how are my employees affected throughout the work week by the different types of tasks?
  • What tasks do I manage within and which do I manage outside my SLA?
  • How am I supposed to man my departments to deliver within the SLA?
  • Am I doing better this week compared to last week?
    Are the KTUs from my customers going up or down?

It is logical that for customer calls about status and delivery times not to become tasks in the customer centre, work must be done to update FAQs and self-service, instead of encouraging customers to write and call.

If inquiries about a “forgotten password” have an average waiting time of 2 hours, would it probably be a better idea to ask customers to chat instead of emailing, or just implement a (better) password-reminder feature?

Insights / etrack1 Analytics

Ask yourself these questions

  • Can you "see" if you don't measure?
  • If your job is to provide eminent service to your company’s existing and future customers, how do you prove that they are satisfied?
  • If you had to do without statistics and reports for your phone calls – would that be a problem for you? If so – why is it not a problem if you can't get statistics on the other channels?
  • If you need more resources in your customer centre, can you get them without having to document what employees’ time is spent on and how existing resources are utilised?
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