Distribution / Prioritisation


How many detectives have you hired?

Leave the detective work to etrack1 – let your employees take care of customer service.


First things first – without manual work

Which enquiry is the most important? Avoid manual searches and automatically prioritise your enquiries with etrack1.


Distribution / Priorititation

When all emails end up in shared folders and in an ingenious directory structure, the distribution is managed manually and the prioritisation is random.



The overview is gone. Performing planning and prioritisation between channels and customers is made impossible. Distribution to the most suitable employees can only be done by time consuming search, “drag and drop” and forwarding.
It’s just not going to work!

With a priority and distribution engine such as etrack1, all incoming enquiries are distributed and listed for the most suitable employee. This is done after the set-up response time (SLA) – not in folders and inboxes, but in one dynamic inbox which is filtered to show only exactly the tasks that match employees’ qualifications – in exactly the order they should be solved in.


Priorities are based on the sender, recipient, contents, posting and advanced rules via etrack1 workflow. With etrack1, employees are never left in doubt as to which task to deal with next or what may have happened in the past.

Ask yourself these questions

How much time is consumed by:


  • Your employees playing detectives to find out exactly what happened in an email correspondence?

  • Emptying folders and forwarding enquiries to departments and employees?

  • Reading emails to find out which is the most important to answer first?

  • Customers writing an email and calling you 10 minutes later about exactly the same thing – and your employees then spending time twice on the same task?

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