Customer journey / Deflection / Collection

Customer journey

Are you leading your customers down a dead end?

Let etrack1 help you master the customer journey and add value via a carefully planned out customer journey


Can your customers see the light?

Steer you customers safely into port. When you present your customers with the opportunity to find answers on their own, not only do you create happy customers, but you also save valuable time for your employees.


Your customers are not trained to be customers

Let etrack1 collect enquiries in a secure and structured manner. With a Contact Universe from etrack1 you are able to acquire all the information needed for an efficient first-time resolution.


Customer journey / Deflection / Collecting

Customer journey

If customers are able to help themselves based on who they are or what their enquiry is about, the number of calls, emails or chats is greatly reduced. Customers can get immediate help and are less likely to burden the customer service centre with trivial tasks.

Fewer enquiries to customer service frees up time and results in faster response times for other customers. The need for fewer resources at the customer service centre is also a direct effect of this.


Many websites with chatbots and FAQs leave customers without the information to contact you if the FAQ or chatbot cannot help. If a potential customer journey is not thought through, this will often lead to a lot of unnecessary manual tasks at the customer service centre such as visitation and distribution.

The etrack1 Contact Universe ensures that customers find what they are looking for – and if not, the Contact Universe determines whether the customer should contact the company by email, phone or online chat as a natural step in the customer journey.


If customers are encouraged to write, dynamic etrack1 forms prompt customers to provide the specific information needed to ensure a high probability of first-time resolution in the customer service centre.

etrack1 contact forms gather information via a secure (https) connection directly between the web browser and etrack1 to ensure that even the most sensitive information is never compromised.


See how three etrack1 customers use the Contact Universe for recovery and remediation

There are many ways to use and integrate a Contact Universe on an existing website.

Your business and your challenges are unique. But if you are looking for inspiration for what a Contact Universe solution might look like, the etrack1 Contact Universes below can be visited:

Coop Bank

Wash World A/S

7-ELEVEN Danmark


See how three etrack1 customers use the Contact Universe for recovery and remediation

Ask yourself:

  • If your phone number is displayed in font size 72 at the top of your front page and you “hide” the email address for customer service at the bottom of your page in font size 10 – do you think most customers will call you or write to you?
  • If customers primarily call customer service, is that always the best channel?
  • If customers write an email, how often do they provide all the information necessary?
  • What does that mean for customer service in terms of additional email exchanges between them and the customer?
  • What are the consequences in terms of extra work?
  • If customers expect to find answers to their questions instead of having to email and then wait for a reply – how many of your customers do you then disappoint?
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