etrack1 – everything you've dreamed of!

A unique Danish ticketing system – for streamlined processes and workflows – we advise and deliver results based on solid experience. We also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee


etrack1 supports the entire journey

The 5 steps in the etrack1 offering:

  • Customer journey / Deflection / Collecting
  • Distribution / Prioritisation
  • Processing / Automation
  • Archiving / Transparency
  • Insights / etrack1 Analytics

A lack of focus on all 5 steps will result in poor service, manual work, frustrated employees and dissatisfied customers.

etrack1 is:

  • Developed in Denmark
  • Implemented from Denmark
  • Hosted in Denmark
  • Supported from Denmark
  • Regulated by Danish law and the standard data processor
  • Agreement of the Danish Data Protection Agency

In other words – one supplier, one responsible person, one unique solution.

We usually say that the foundation of your eminent customer service starts with our extraordinary customer service – in other words: Only if we deliver can our customers deliver – so everything starts with us and ends with our customers.

We would never dream of leaving our customers with an online signup process, 14 days of free testing and support from India. We also don't have an aggressive growth strategy, where one customer is just a customer, and we have to move on to the next one in 5 minutes.

We always help our customers and ensure that etrack1 delivers maximum value every single day – through a well-worked implementation process, continuous proactive dialogue and continuous product development to make our customers’ lives much easier and the retention of our customers even longer.

etrack1 supports the following channels for collecting enquiries

  • emails
  • own forms
  • etrack1 forms such as i-frame or service-based form
  • etrack1 chat
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook Messenger

etrack1 supports the following channels for delivering responses

  • emails
  • e-boks (Danish secure e-mail system)
  • extranet (my pages)
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