We're already looking forward to meeting you!

Let us show you how etrack1 is put together and demonstrate how the different products and features of the ticketing system can create value in your business.


Let us show you how you and your team can:

  • Handle support tickets from different channels

  • Replace manual workflows with automatic processes

  • Reduce the time spent on enquiries and increase efficiency

  • Provide customers with the right answer the first time

  • Collect statistics and gain insight into both employee and customer behaviour





70% higher remediation

When customers can help themselves, the lives of both their employees and yours will become easier.

40% lower average action time

Faster replies produce happier customers. etrack1 provides the tools which create great customer experiences.

Happier customers

Happy customers are good customers. 75 percent of customers who experience good service are more likely to recommend your business to others.

What does a demo of etrack1 entail?

"A demo of etrack1 consists of a short presentation of your business and then a review of what etrack1 could potentially contribute in relation to your current daily operation.”

What do you get out of a demo?

“Depending on how much time you want to spend, we can point to specific focus areas and give you examples of how other customers have solved similar challenges by using etrack1.”

Does it cost anything?

“No, of course not. A demo is for those who are curious and interested in giving their customers the best experience when they approach you and for those who want to give their employees the best tools for their work.”

How long will it take?

“It’s up to you. As a rule of thumb, we recommend at least half an hour, but a quick clarification of whether further dialogue would be something you are interested in can be done in 15 minutes.”

What are the expectations of you as a participant?

“We expect nothing more than an open and confidential dialogue – we hope you want to chat.”