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Over the course of more than 100 implementations of etrack1, we have seen a clear picture emerge of the challenges that most companies tend to run into when they receive requests through digital channels.

Try out our checklist and see if it applies to your company too!

  1. Requests are sorted/referred manually to departments and individual employees
  2. Customers aren’t good at helping themselves – so we often can’t help them before we have asked them for additional information
  3. Prioritizing incoming requests is difficult without reading through all of them, so requests are answered on a first-in/first-out basis
  4. There is no way of “intercepting” customers who have already written to us, before they call to remind
  5. Customers keep sending us reminders by email or phoning them in
  6. Employees spend a lot of time retracing and recreating case histories
  7. Employees forward emails without keeping track of how they will be dealt with
  8. Our customer system does not show electronic queries and employee responses
  9. Inadequate statistics make it difficult to assess how many resources we will need to devote in order to avoid backlogs
  10. No way of “tracking” time wasters
  11. No documentation of whether performance is getting better or worse
  12. Keeping tracking of employee’s performance is difficult
  13. It is difficult to produce documentation of the performance of entire departments

If you can recognize more than half of those items from your own company, we can guarantee that you’ll have much to gain from etrack1. Besides improved customer experience and more efficient operations, we are certain you will find a positive business case for etrack1, so book your meeting here.

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