Etrack1 is usually offered as a “software as a service”-solution–in other words, etrack1 is run from Indicia’s data center. We also have the on-premise option of having etrack1 configured on our customers’ local network. Etrack1 is based on Microsoft SQL Server and Internet Information Service – standard components and Indicia’s own code since 2004 where the development of etrack1 was begun.

Web services and APIs let our customers access data as well the etrack1 back-end, whether our customers want us to create transparency between etrack1 and other business support systems," or wish to set etrack1 up to follow a business logic from their CRM or ERP system though the back-end.

A single solution – all of etrack1’s customers use exactly the same version of etrack1, and when we develop new features or rewrite existing ones, they immediately become part of the application. As soon as a single customer wants it, we will implement it as part of the etrack1 solution – that’s how we keep our application market and customer-driven, so it ALWAYS meets the demands of all our customers, ahead of all other companies.


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