Etrack1 ships with an extensive statistical toolkit, which covers day-to-day management reporting needs. However, it also serves a second purpose: informing the ongoing development of your company’s strategy, and the ongoing optimization of your customer service function.

Statistics can easily be exported from etrack1 in a series of standard reports, so the management team can stay updated on developments in the customer service center. Etrack1 measures every “action” in the solution, so it has statistics on all the parameters. Here are the most commonly used parameters:

Contact patterns

  • Volume and response time according to channel
  • Volume and response time according to type of request
  • Response pattern according to type of request
  • Response times and service targets

Employee performance

  • Number of processed tickets
  • Time consumption– total and according to type of request
  • Ticket processing patterns
  • Cherry picking – tickets opened without further action
  • Skill-set optimization

Resource planning

  • Total use according to volume
  • Total use over time
  • Forecast of staffing needs

And much more! If these are the kind of insights you need to run your customer service center in a more professional way when it comes to digital requests, then you should book a meeting with us here.

Example of user report - in excel format allowing for further investigation

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