Social media

Of all the electronic channels, social media are without a doubt the ones surrounded by the biggest hype. Marketing or communications are usually the ones behind a Facebook strategy, rather than customer service center.

Many companies see social media as a marketing or sales platform that can increase the flow of traffic to the company itself, its product or brands. Most soon discover that the majority of traffic generated through social media is customer requests or complaints, so customer service ends up handling a lion’s share of the traffic anyway.

Etrack1 offers a number of different options for handling customer service on social media. Etrack1 includes integrated monitoring of the company’s pages, so all posts or comments are collected in the same way as other requests, and distributed to employees with the necessary skills to engage directly with customers on the Facebook wall.

Otherwise, we can integrate the other etrack1 features directly with Facebook, e.g. so you can offer customized FAQs, contact pages or chats on your company’s Facebook page. That means that you will have a set of tools to complement the unique qualities of social media with the tried and tested merits of “traditional” digital customer service.

Regardless of which approach you choose, etrack1 will deliver a full range of tools to handle customer service on social media.

Example on social media from SuperSaverTravel - both FAQ and contact us on Facebook

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