Mobile platforms

As with social media, there are similarly great expectations for mobile units. Many companies have ventured into launching apps with functions meant to support or complement the other communications channels of the company. The real advantage of apps lies in the nature of the technology itself. Tablets and mobile phones can be used on the go, and they are often linked with location-specific services.

That also puts greater pressure on companies to be flexible with contact and interactions. Once a customer has opened your app and needs to get in touch, etrack1 can support the forms of contact relevant to the situation your customer is in – after all, you might not have an employee on call whenever users click “contact” in the app.

Thus, etrack1 can offer both FAQs and the contact pages in APPs, according to your wishes – but we can also offer simple contact function along the lines of “call me at XX o’clock”, “send us a message.” All requests from APPs are included in the contact history of each customer, and companies enjoy the same insights into contact patterns from mobile units as they have for other electronic channels (statistics, time consumptions, etc.).

Etrack1 can also handle text messaging – both in- and outbound. To give you an example, you can combine contact via email with text message updates/reminders, so customers are aware of incoming responses. Text messages are stored with all the other kinds of requests, so employees always maintain an overview of each current or previous dialog.

Example on mobile customer service from Stofa.

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