Choosing the right platform is one thing – starting properly with improving your customer experience and streamlining operations is another thing entirely.

Once a company chooses etrack1, we initiated a pre-planned process that is based on our more than 100 “best practice” implementations. This implementation makes sure that the company reaps the full benefits of the solutions, while at the same time critically and constructively examining current procedures.

An etrack1 implementation is thus a 360-degree approach to the entire flow of communication in the company, while you tune your radar to the goals of tomorrow and your opportunities with etrack1. The implementation also ensures that your company gets started properly with the solution, and doesn’t end up having bought a new platform that doesn’t deliver the results you wanted.

A typical implementation process has the following phases:

Launch workshop

  • Mutual introductions
  • Current set-up (½ day in the customer service center)
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Goals
  • Timetable and resources


  • Channel strategy
  • Structure of solution
  • SLA’s
  • Integrations


  • Forms
  • E-mail filters
  • FAQ’s
  • Standard responses
  • Skills
  • Workflows
  • Graphical design


  • Super users
  • Agent training, if needed
  • Workshop

Going live

  • Taking care of launch
  • Adjustments, if needed
  • Tips and tricks
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