Email is the preferred electronic channel for most customers and companies. Email has a number of distinct advantages for both customers and companies, as it provides documentation, isn’t dependent on simultaneous contact and can be used to handle simple as well as complex questions.

Etrack1 handles email in one of two ways. Either by receiving emails queries through forms on the website, or by scanning emails (to for content and distributing them automatically. Both have their advantages, which can of course be adapted to suit the needs of the company.

Intelligent forms in the company contact pages:
Prompting customers to elaborate their requests by conveniently navigating through the contact pages lets etrack1 display a form that collects exactly the information needed to handle each request – this ensures that customers are never asked to provide any more or less information than absolutely necessary to obtain first time resolution of any request.

This provides customers with quick and accurate responses – and lets the company maximize the efficiency of their email handling. For the sake of clarifying expectations, etrack1 automatically returns a confirmation on-screen and by email that lets customers know when they can expect a response, or what steps to expect next.

Here is an example of intelligent forms by Stofa. The form requests the data needed to process the request with first time resolution.

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