Customer experience

Everybody talks about customer experience – “we have to put the customer first, we have to mean something to our customers.” And for years, companies have been investing in improving their ability to engage with their customers face-to-face, or on the phone through a call center – but most lag behind when it comes to digital channels.

Management of the online customer experience revolves around design, user-friendliness, information and purchase flows, self-service – and of course customer service.

Good customer experience is about taking customers by the hand when they need to get in touch. That contact might sometimes be a phone call, other times e-mail and in some cases an online chat – the customer might even be able to help themselves and thus avoid waiting on-hold on the phone, or waiting hours or even days on end for a reply to their e-mail.

It’s all about the company’s contact pages. Good customer experience always aims for ”the right answer as soon as possible” – as opposed to an infrastructure that mirrors the company’s product assortment and/or organizational structures. The aim is always to put the customer first, and that requires logic and intelligence whenever we engage with customers.

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