As opposed to telephones, chat functions let employees handle more than one customer at once, which increases efficiency and gives customer’s shorter response times

Etrack1 offers two kinds of chats – customer-initiated chat, when customers make contact with the company, and pro-active chat, where companies themselves approach the customer with the option of a chat once certain criteria have been met – e.g. if they have products in their shopping cart but haven’t checked out after thirty seconds.

Both kinds of chat are integrated parts of the overall channel strategy of a company. Companies often have to consider how to handle their opening hours, availability, “queues” if employees are busy – and especially how the chat option should be offered on the website.

Regardless of the kind of chat you wish to use, etrack1 will be able support it. Of course, every chat session is included in etrack1’s comprehensive case history. Upon an ending the chat session, the customer receives a copy of the interaction as documentation by email – with an option to reply and move forward with their customer service request if needed.

Here is an example on chat from Stofa

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