Business case

Outstanding customer experience and efficient operations – that is the essence of etrack1.

That’s why we always prepare a business case for the implementation before we launch the project. With more than 100 prior implementations, each of our solutions is grounded in a solid understanding of best practice. All according to your company’s strategy, current setup and wishes for the future, we calculate the returns you can expect from etrack1.

A business case for etrack1 is based on hard facts. It answers the question of how using a single solution for all digital channels will affect the bottom line. We base our calculation on the current volume and time consumption compared to working with etrack1, and present our findings in terms of money saved, so the business case is easy to follow up on after implementation.

An etrack1 implementation usually delivers ROI after 6 to 10 months, so there is a lot to be gained in sheer optimization. To that you can also add the value of improved customer experience, a better contact “universe”, higher standard of service, improved employee satisfaction, documentation and statistics – but these “soft” facts aren’t part of the business case. In a business case, it’s all about the bottom line.

If you’d like to have an estimate of the savings you could realize by using etrack1, please book a meeting here.



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