If you look into corporate “Contact Us” pages, 99% of companies choose to publicize one or more email addresses –,,, etc.

You’ll often hear people say: “It shows that we’re available - customers can just click on the links”. But at etrack1, we consider it terrible customer service

  1. It doesn’t help anyone help themselves
  2. It does however leave each customer waiting for the same amount of time
  3. It doesn’t take into account that every customer will not be equally savvy, so some of them will end up writing mistakenly to even if they really need an answer from the support team, so the “less savvy” customers will end up waiting longer than the customers who recognized the appropriate email address.
  4. Nor will every customer remember to include all the details that the customer service department will need, so customer service will have to respond to them with a request for more information, causing an extra delay for those customer, too.
  5. And since every email arrives “unfiltered”, the company ends up having to read through each request multiple times in order to be able to forward, escalate and respond to it. That costs time and money, – and makes customers wait unnecessarily.

Instead, why don’t you learn more about etrack1 as a product and solution – and book a meeting to learn more about why your company should get rid of and achieve an improved customer experience and more efficient operations.

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